Pet Itching

Pet Itching

"Struggling With A Flea Infestation?" 3 Simple Steps To Eliminate Fleas

"I couldn''t believe that my home was taken over by blood sucking fleas. Luckily, I found a product that fixed all my flea problems."

Is your pet suffering from an itch they can''t seem to scratch? Are you starting to notice an itch all over your body? Is your home infested with fleas?

Many pet owners deal with a flea infestation at least once, but did you know that pets are not the only ones bringing in fleas? Fleas are not shy. They will ride on anything or anyone. Even you can bring in fleas from outside. Well, what I came across will eliminate fleas easily and effectively from your home, but before we go into that let''s begin with a little information.

Is it really a flea infestation you are dealing with?

1. Pet Excessively Scratching - Does one of your pets itch more than normal? A pet being itchy is usually the first sign, but not the only. Your pet may simply have a rash or dry skin from too much sun. Even really cold weather conditions will make them itchy.

2. Small Red Bumps - Pay attention to your ankles. Because one of the most common place for fleas is the carpet they get to your ankles first. So look for little red bumps there that will typically go away in a few days. If your children are on the floor they may have these bumps all over.

How do you get rid of fleas in your home?

Before you start make sure you have at least a few hours to complete all three steps. If you don''t rid your home, your yard, and your pets at the same time then your flea infestation will come back.

(1) Flea Free Pets

- Comb Your Pets - Use a flea comb to pull the fleas out your pets fur.

- Use Flea Powder - Evenly spread powder over your pet. This kills those flea eggs and larvae so they don''t grow up to multiply into another flea infestation.

(2) Getting Rid Of Fleas In The Home

- Take a antibacterial cleaner and clean the surfaces of your home. Make sure you get the counters, cabinets, tables, and floors. Fleas enjoy humid areas so clean the basement and garage floors too.

- Vacuum all areas of the home. When vacuuming get those dark corners with the vacuum attachment. These are some of a fleas favorite areas.

- After vacuuming sprinkly powder evenly over the carpet.

- To finish the home wash, dry, and then sprinkly powder over couch surfaces, and bedding.

(3) Flea Free Yard

- Take that same flea powder and evenly coat the lawn and concrete.

- Do this at the end of every spring to prevent any fleas from multipling.

Read all the labels and directions on any product before you begin to use anywhere in your home, on your pet, or in your yard. Before most products are not safe for pets, or children. Also keep in mind that products should not be spread over gardens especially food gardens.

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