bartender cheat sheet free Beer Cheat Sheet

bartender cheat sheet free Beer Cheat Sheet


The terms light and lite (or any other cutesy variation) have no legal definitibartender cheat sheet free Beer Cheat Sheeton. They could mean the beer is light in color or lighter than leador anything else the guys at the brewery decided.

Find out both scinating and useful plan-related cts about your vorite foods.


Beer bellies are B.S. This is a silly myth, says Charlie Bamforth, Ph.D. chair and professor, Department of Food Science and Technology, University of California, Davis and author ofBeer Health and Nutrition.If folks get t from drinking beer its because their total calorie intake is too high and they are not working it off.

Alcohol is one calorie-dense nectar, packing seven calories per gram. Thats almost as much as t, which has nine calories per gram. Dont blame the malt. The most significant source of calories in beer is the alcohol itself, says Bamforth, The stronger the beer, the more calories.

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Those robotic grabs of peanuts or cheddar fish can add up to triple the calories andPointsPlusvalues than all the beers you down. Be prepared Drinking can lead to snacking, so keep the right stuff on handor bribe the bartender to stock better choices. Instead of party mix, try

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Miller Genuine Draft Light 64 (M 64)

94% t-free microwave-popped popcorn5 cups3PointsPlusvaluesRadishes (a German vorite)1 cup0PointsPlusvalues

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Beers with 3PointsPlusvalues

Dont follow the lite

Do suds wine-style

Jeffery Lindenmuth is a fine dining writer and lecturer, who has written forEsquire, Wine & Spirits, Mens HealthandCooking Light.

bartender cheat sheet free Beer Cheat Sheet,There are thousands of different beers. Heres a selection of popular brews. Some are smarter grabs that savePointsPlus™ values. All are 12 ounces.

Watch your low-carb language

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Miller Genuine Draft

A tip that adds civility and can shavePointsPlusvalues Theres nothing wrong with pouring a beer into two glasses at dinner like you would with wine, says George F. Reisch, brewmaster for Anheiser Busch, Inc. Yes, you read correctly. One of the guys who makes Budweiser takes his Bud in a white-wine glass. I actually think people should share beers more, Reisch adds. Its smart and your last sip will still be cold.

Another Reason Its Good to Be a Man

Miller Highlife

Milwaukees Best Light

Some studies show that moderate drinking may help lower the risk of heart disease, particularly in men over 45 and women over 55. But what is moderate? For men, its no more than two drinks per day. For women, its no more than one. Exceed your quota, and the risk of heart and liver disease, stroke and accidents negate any perks.

If the labels reads low carbohydrate, the beer must have no more than 7 grams of carbohydrates per serving. But any beer can tout reduced carbohydrates or lower carbohydrates on its label, just so long as the brewery makes a more carb-heavy beer. Shifty, eh?

The Bad News


Busch Light

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Nix the nuts

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